The Program (480 hrs)
Module I: Economics 100 hrs

Module II: Management of Technology 120 hrs

Module III: Human Factors 100 hrs

Module IV: Organization 100 hrs

Module V: Studies abroad 80 hrs

Module VI: Law 30 hrs

The modules are given in 12 Tracks

Module I: Economics (80 hrs)

- Financial Accounting 20 hrs, Bazaz

- Managerial Accounting Systems 20 hrs, Bazaz

- Engineering Decision Analysis 40 hrs, Hajrizi et al.

Module II: Technology (120 hrs)

Systems Engineering Fundamentals

- Systems Engineering Fundamentals 24 hrs, Kheir

Advanced Topics in Technology
- Trends in Information Technology (IT) 16 hrs, Scheidl
*- Logistic 8 hrs, Matyas
*- Computers 4 hrs, Zemanek
*- SME’s in the Internet 4 hrs, Wecht
- Trend in Technology, Technological Roadmap 8 hrs, Schwärtzel
- Multiple Generations Product Planning (MGGP) 8 hrs, Schwärtzel
- Key Environmental Issues and Trends in the Electronic Industry 8 hrs, Scheidt
- Production and production automation, Robotics 5 hrs, Kopacek
- Trends in Control Engineering 16 hrs, Schmidt
*- Amazing Physics 4 hrs, Schattschneider
*- Energy 4 hrs, Matthias
- Total Quality Management (TQM) 8 hrs, Osanna
- Micro- , Nanosystems 8 hrs, Osanna
- New Trends in Material Sciences 4 hrs, Oettel
*- Mechatronics, 4 hrs, Kopacek

* - will be taught in Vienna

Module III: Human Factors (80 hrs)

Human Resources Management

- Human Resources Management 40 hrs, Schwartz

Special Topics in Human Resources Management

*- The Manager and the Media 4 hrs, Rohrer

Advanced Management Topics I

*- EU Projects 4hrs, Horvat
*- Management of Technology in Global Markets 8 hrs, Schwärtzel
- International Project Management 24 hrs, Gotwald
- Business Plans 24 hrs, Knerzourek

* - will be taught in Vienna

Module IV: Organization (90 hrs)

Operations Management

- Operations Management 22 hrs, Hajrizi

Advanced Management Topics II

- SME’s as global enterprises 4 hrs, Kopacek
- Management Experience on Organization in fast Changing Environments 8 hrs, Prantz
- Global Financing and International Banking 4 hrs, Shahrokhi
- Management of R&D Departments 2 hrs, Kopacek
- Research Projects 2 hrs, Kopacek

International Project Management

- Presentation Techniques, Selling-to-Groups, Motivation 20 hrs, Hierhold
- International Project Management 24 hrs, Gotwald
- The Balanced Score Card 4hrs, Fürnsinn
Module V: Studies abroad (80 hrs)

A two-week study stay at Vienna with lectures and visits to Austrian and European companies (e.g. Engel, VA-Tech, BA-CA, IGM, RIZ, Modine, AVL, EUROSTAR, ...) as well as a meeting with the member of the IEEE Central European Chapter of “Engineering Management” and will be organized to strengthen the “international understanding” of the students. The stay will be completed by a cultural program.

**- Marketing & Special Topics in Marketing 24 hrs, Bargawa
**- Financial Management 20 hrs, Shahrokhi.
- Company Visits 26 hrs, Kopacek & Hajrizi
- Preparation and Presentations of Theses 20 hrs, Hajrizi et al.

** - will be taught in Prishtina

Module VI: Law (30 hrs)

Special topics in US and European (EC) law

- Strategy for International Licensing and Cooperation 24 hrs, Hofmann
- Global Financing and Cooperation 6 hrs, Prantz